Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alternative Treatment For Down Syndrome By Zach Smith

Down syndrome is one of the leading causes of mental retardation in infants. It does not only cause mental disabilities but physical malformation is also evident. Treatment for Down syndrome has been utilized over the years but with the advent of new and advanced therapies, new treatments were introduced.

Down syndrome develops when there are abnormal chromosomes in a person's body. Chromosomes transport genetic information to our cells. These chromosomes are the determinants in a person's appearance and functions.

Normally, the cells carry 2 sets of twenty-three chromosomes from each parent. This totals to forty-six chromosomes. For people with Down syndrome, one chromosome pair is damaged.

The cause of Down syndrome is due to the damage of chromosome #21. This chromosome can also take damage during the process of cell replication. The damage can also be done when the normal chromosome of the parents suddenly breaks into two. Either way, the result is Down syndrome.

Usually, babies are easily diagnosed with this condition because they manifest physical characteristics associated with Down syndrome. These physical characteristics include: flat figure of the face, small head, low-set or flat-bridged nose, small mouth with an unusually large tongue, eyes slanting upwards, round cheeks, small ears, wide hands, subnormal height, and malformed fifth finger.

As they get older, they manifest behavioral symptoms such as being withdrawn and unusually quiet. They also tend to be passive, unresponsive and weak.

There is actually no cure for this condition. However, the treatment for Down syndrome symptoms can be used.

Most people suffering from Down syndrome are visual and hearing impaired. To help them with this condition, they can use eyeglasses and hearing aids.

There are also special schools for children with Down syndrome. This can improve their behavior immensely by helping them socialize with other children. This is where they learn their self-worth and learn the values that are most important in living a good life.

There are also other herbal remedies that can ease tantrums and erratic behavior changes manifested by children with Down syndrome.

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